Monday, 1 January 2007

Marmalade sandwiches and lofty dreams

Spent new yeah! in Leeds, watching the fireworks descend on the city below as everything around me turned into a beautiful lunacy. Am genuinely looking forward to 07, what with new jobs, new homes and New York all pencilled in together with playwriting courses, more creative writing and web designing, plus a new year resolution to blog more regularly and champion the work of Emitt Rhodes at any opportunity - a recap, he was the American McCartney, got screwed by his manager, grew a beard, grew depressed, made aerobic music to get by and is tentatively looking at a comeback now at the age of 57.
Marmalade-sandwiched in the middle of all this madness is mine and Dee's trip to Peru to raise cash for Help The Aged. We climb 5,000 feet to the summit of Machuu Pichuu, eating guinea pigs and admiring the Amazon basin and various fauna. Should be beaut. If you fancy having a toddle over to our personal site here and maybe giving a few pence so the Aged can buy a packet of Werthers or Wool Monthly or whatever it is they do. In the meantime, here's hoping your 07 is full of beautiful vibes, days out and nice lunches.

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David said...

Happy New Year young man, good to see you writing again. Hope all is well in Hull.