Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Anyone for Tennyson?

I have decided to become a Ludensian, just like Alfred Tennyson here, and officially accepted the job offer in Louth. It looks like a beautiful little town ... here's its Wikipedia entry, and famous residents include astronaut Michael Foale, Robert Wyatt and Jim Broadbent. Beats Roland Gift and that Dan Bryan man, I guess. And Dave Windass once rode a horse through the town, but name me a place where he hasn't done that? The decsion wasn't hard in the end; the other job would have been mindcrushingly dull - I was bored during the 15-minute test they gave me, let alone a 40-hour week doing much the same.

Have been quite dee-mob happy at work; have started swearing at the Mail's many idiots rather than privately seething. Also lots of evening irons in the fire, which is cool - a bit of teaching, web designing, writing.
Elsewhere, have been spitting out me crunch nut cornflakes at the racist, down right blinking ignorance of the Celeb Big Brother contestents, much like everyone else. And composing slavery incidental music.
You tube moment: Started watching 1984 holocaust drama Threads, which is always good on deadline day. Very bleak, but beats the Advertiser series!
Listening: The Decemberists - Crane Wife; Joan As Police Woman - Real Life; Vetvier - To Find Me Gone


Benjamin said...

So Joan As Police Woman has finally come into your life. A beautiful record. Louth looks like a nice move :)

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

She's an absolute gem, Ben. I'd seen her in Rufus Wainwright's band and also solo, but with the full band, those songs are so soulful, funky and drenched in emotion. Amazing stuff x