Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Smoked out

It's amazing how when you give up smoking, you suddenly seem to notice the number of anti-smoking propaganda on our TVs and in our inboxes. I decided to give up way before new year, cos I never keep New Year's resolutions. Hey, I thought, time for the kids to have a chance with them fags - let them have their moment. And heck if I don't feel a whole lot better for it (down to 30 nicorette gums a day now, feel like I've just been demobbed from 'Nam). But honestly, the number of smoking reminders I've had to put up with in the last few days has been stressful enough for me to go back to the old habit. Gawd knows what other smokers think about it all, but for me the habit was always about association. Just the mention of a cigarette was enough to send me running to a shop. There must be loads of quitters who will find all this anti-smoking talk overwhelming and nip to JSK Minimart for some Capstan non-filters. So I've now put a ban on breakfast news (there must be other stuff to talk about by now, surely), 70s cop shows (they make smokin' look so cool ...) and our work email.

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