Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Nick travels down to London today to talk about our long-running bid to bring this writer's story into the public eye once more. When you start researching a bloke who lived down the road in sleepy North Lincs, you don't expect the road to lead to the old Etonian brother of a High Court judge in leafy Ladbroke Grove.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Smalltown Hicks

I'm all for bigging up Bill Hicks. I may have baulked slightly with the Edinburgh Fringe show a couple of years back which amounted to an acerbic masterclass in just learning his goatboyschtick. Which Dennis Leary already had done. But I was gladdened, and indeed, cheered, by news of a nw film about Hicks, American, which interviews more than 30 of Hicks' closest mates and promises a new take on the life of Bill. Except that, on the film's website, they refer constantly to Hicks as Hick's. I give you:

"Recreating Bill Hick’s story has been a journey all of it’s own; traveling all across America to record extensive new interviews, watching hundreds of performances and developing the animation technique over thousands of hours to fully realize the cinematic vision required."

It may just be a lapsed apostrophe, but, quite frankly, it's a scaley pecker of satany substandardry. I hope the film is good, but c'mon guys!