Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A bridge too far?

Here's a chance to make all our lives a bit easier and campaign for a reduction in bridge tolls over the magnificent Humber. Its just I expect a bit more for me £2.70 - a roller-coaster, maybe. Now that I'll be joining the exodus into Lincolnshire every morning, I thought I'd bang the drum a bit by signing this petition. Not that there's any chance of it happening any time quickly, if last night's Look North was anything to go by. Hull councillor David Gemmell didn't even have to wait for a question from Peter Levy before he started tearing into his North East Lincolnshire counterpart, Carol Hall, who has organised a meeting with top London ministerial bods to get the toll scrapped alltogether. Gemmell replied that he hadn't had any luck arranging a meeting, before admitting that the council hadn't done anything to set one up. Carol retorted by saying "we have a can-do culture", which Davo replied to with a sarky: "Well, you may well have Carol" as if it was a problem. Seems that the Humber isn't wide enough for our Dave.
Sign the online petition here

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harrop_p said...

Thanks for mentioning the petition. (I like the look of your musical and literary tastes too!)
PS bridge campaign now has a sort of website: