Thursday, 28 December 2006

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Apologies for the lack of blogaction, but the last two weeks have been spent on the road, in an edgy, low-res attempt to restage Kerouac's On The Road through the low counties of England. To that end, and hunched to the windscreen like Scatman Carruthers in a Shining-esque fog, we visited friends and family in London, Cambridge, Buckingham and Bedford. Some of the highlights included: Seeing the Slide at Tate Modern, although it did look awfully narrow in an Augustus Gloop kinda way. My mate quit her writing job and decided to go down it in an act of new found liberation. She ended up with terrible friction burns.

My insistence on taking Dee to Sarastro in Covent Garden, a converted theatre dressing room with low ceilings and gaudy decoration, like the Underground if it had been designed by Fellini. Dee bumped her head and knocked over a fellow diner's grapes while breathing in a fag hag's smoke. We retreated after the entrees, musing on how some hummus and celery could have cost us £30.

Visiting the highly racey Buckingham Folk Club, who are at war with the Independent Buckingham Jam Night. Enough material for a couple of plays here.

Eating veggie breakfasts at S and M in Upper Street, where Quadrophenia was filmed.

Watching a mental party of six punting on the Cam in freezing conditions. One of the group looked delighted, everyone else had murder in their eyes.

I could go on, but in the absence of any further posts, have an amazing 2007 y'all and hope it brings all you wish for.

Congratulations to: my pal Emily, who gave birth to baby Jake on Christmas Day. Well done guys.

Looking forward to: Peru in May. We is dee-lighted!

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bazza27 said...

Sounds like you had an interesting time, and I hope 2007 is good for you and yours too. My last blog has had to change and so your current link to me takes you to some dodgy website. You may wish to change the link, or you may of course tell me to naff orf.