Wednesday, 10 January 2007

If it's broke, recycle it

Some months back, I signed up to Hull Recycle, an online list which allows people to get rid of unwanted items for free, or ask one of the subscribers if they have anything they need shifting. E-rag-and-boning, basically. I was exasperatted by the timewasters who seem to phone up every time you put a Moulinex in the local rag. But it seems timewasters have caught up with Hull Recycle as well. Today there's been requests for a car, a stocked drinks cabinet, a gun, and, just now ... a broken sandwich-toaster and kettle (broken)

If anyone wants either of these old appliances for scrap metal or theythink they could fix them (although I sincerely doubt they arefixable) then please contact me. Toastie has the front handle brokenoff exposing the metal underneath which I think is rather dangerous,and it has no plug. The kettle was bought brand new from the internet but arrived broken in the post with the handle smashed off & a bigdent in it.

In other email communications, I have incured the wrath of our MD. I sent him this email, asking if he'd help me and Dee's fundraising drive for Peru ...

I thought I would just pass this link on to you. We are walking to the Incan temple city of Machu Pichu to raise cash for Help The Aged (it's a tough life I know!). Being the cheeky chap I am, I thought I'd send you the link in case you wanted to help this exceptional cause (and believe me, we need all the help we can get!) Many thanks in advance, blah blah blah

I got this reply

Laurie - yes extremely cheeky after handing in your notice ……
My initial thought was for us to offer support to you both, I even suggested an amount. I then learned that you had decided to leave the business and for that reason I have decided that the company can not support you financially.

Ah well, can't blame a bloke for trying.

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Dave W said...

Ooh, that's a bit charity begins at home gubbins, ain't it? How can it suddenly not be a good cause? Take solace in the fact that it would only have been a tax-deductible donation any way and therefore, in essence, he was always giving you sweet FA.