Saturday, 6 January 2007

London buses

The tone has been set for January early, that's for sure. Before the year's even had a chance to establish itself, ruffle me collor and cook me dinner, I am now weighing up two job ops. The new one, near Leeds, may have more responsibility and include the prospect of working in India. But the other one is home to Robert Wyatt. Decisions, decisions, and still the fug of new year ain't cleared. Writing: Lyrics for a new slavery-themed blues project, possibly titled The Wilber Force Free. Song titles include You Can't Get Wet Without The Wang, I Shot Up This Morning, Got A Hiding In The Riding, and Dem Hairy Mail Blues

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Cindra said...

ahem...why didn't I know that you were finally posting at this new place? Sheesh...just cuz i moved to typepad? i left a forwarding address. i'm just insulted.

okay. i'm over it. happy new year!