Sunday, 14 January 2007

Darts, Decks and Hancock

Wasn't the darts like the best Faustian opera ever? Even Dee looked up from her glossy and by the end was describing Martin 'Wolfie' Adams' wife Michelle as "that bitch" to her mother. Babies were held aloft, cygnet rings glittered beautifully and Frimley Green rocked to the athleticism of Britain's favourite sport. Those looking for a more arrah-by-arrah account should check out this link ...

Sunday was also populated by getting high on decking fumes, the new album by the Decemberists (hard to pigeonhole The Crane Wife but prog-folk-sea shanty meets They Might Be Giants comes close) and Hancock's The Blood Donor. Cracking.
Blog watch: Some interesting information about Kylie's Showgirl NoShow is to be found on the No Rock N' Roll Fun blog
Hull Freecycle Watch: OFFER: 48 pickled onion monster munch in unopened trade box (Avenues) "Is this against the rules?I bought this for a friend for Christmas and it's never been delivered. The sell-by data is December 2006 - so they are officially out of date, but the box is unopened.I can eat them myself, but my wife won't let me. Any takers?"

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