Friday, 5 January 2007

At last, I am free (Robert Wyatt version)

Well that didn't take long! Three years, seven months and four days after I started at Mail Towers, six interviews, two warnings, one racist comedian, a bogus website and one "immature and "unprofessional" attitude later, I am leaving the Mail for the sunny south bank. After all those interviews last year, I was amazed by the quickness of it all. Went for the interview in Louth yesterday, had the job in the bag by lunchtime today. Louth was a lovely little town, bustly and east coastey, and home to Robert Wyatt, above, and John Shuttleworth. Oh, and Tennyson. Dee had a better time than me; drinking rosehip from the hip in a funky little cafe called Chuzzlewits, reading Suddenly a new world stretches before me and Dee, as we contemplate house moves, new jobs and the dubious attractions of places like Wrawby, Ulceby and Appleby. Basil, I may need your help. What is the south bank, or is it just Hully rhyming slang for bobbins?


bazza27 said...

I'm going there today, I will let you know. Incidentally, it seems to be the in place for ex HDM employees as a certain Mr Fieldhouse moved there recently.

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Cheers Bazza. It's all happened so sharpish I'm not sure I can quite believe I've handed in the notice. I heard a rumour Mr Fieldhouse had gone to Louth, bet he's keeping the local cafes in business. One of my favourite ex HDM employees.