Sunday, 21 January 2007


Lovely walk in crisp January sunshine to the marina, fruit market and Victoria Dock, three parts of Hull that should be amazing but have yet to be touched with the inspiration so commonly found in Leeds or Manchester. They've been going on about the fruit market ever since I touched down in Hull three and a half years ago - and it could be so amazing, like a northern Covent Garden, although the signs proclaiming regenaration and swank flats are encouraging. Come to think of it, part of the reason I've loved Hull so much has been the ability to dream, to imagine how things could be. If it was all already accomplished, would I feel the same?
Does this lack of definition define me? Anyways, enough of that ... while down at the Marina we glimpsed across the mighty Humber at our new home, it's in the background of this picture. Immingham doesn't look all that much, even at this distance, but to the left, and beyond, the worlds of Louth, Cleethorpes, Tetney and Covingham St Mary beckon with icy fingers.

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