Friday, 26 January 2007

Peking Practise

Was well and truly dazzled by the Chinese State Circus at Hull New Theatre yesterday. Amazing contortionists, shaolin monks, slack wire balancers, chinese lions, pole jumpers, hoop hurlers and face magicians shared a stage with the infamous (alledgdly) jar jugglers of Xen-Djin. Spent the whole night open-mouthed at the audacity of it all and would quite gladly have run away and joined them if I had any of the skills they did. I wished I'd paid more attention in gym, rather than running round in a big circle. Out into the biting night of Hull instead though, away from the mastery and through a town square populated by a couple of shouty drunks. May have even been the Hull State Circus, but not sure if it had enough variety to stretch to a two-hour show. Could be quite something tho'. MARVEL at the way he turned that television into cash. GAPE IN AWE at the amount of Kestrel he drank in one sitting. FLUMUX at the number of incomprehensive words he can cram into one SENTENCE. You're right, it's got nothing on Houdini, but a circus might just keep them out of Farm Foods.
Listening: John Cooper Clarke - I Married A Monster From Outer Space; Slade - How Does It Feel
Watching: Skins; Justin Lee Collins trying to imitate Louis Theroux imitating something passing for light entertainment imitating Tom Jones
Weirdest televisual moment: Ben Folds lip-synching and then being interviewed by "fan" Andrew Castle on GMTV

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