Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Taking the Ournal

Further proof, if proof be needed, that the HDM lost the ournal from its journalism a long times ago since. A colleague of mine goes out with Hull FC rugby player Scottt Wheeldon, who the Daily Fail brandished on its front-page today, claiming he was just seconds from death after suffering an allergic reaction on pre-season training in Portugal. Must have been an awfully slow news day, cos today she reports that he's been out go-karting. I have visions of Scott in the leading go-kart, with death lagging behind in a trailing car, shaking his fist at the boy's mastery of the circuit.


evangeline2020 said...

I don't know if your friend understands about how allergic reactions work. Those requiring an epipen are resolved instantaneously on being injected. As I understand it Scott was injected immediately with his epipen, hence his immediate recovery. Credit to Danny Washbrook who realised what was happening and went to get the pen to inject Scott and thus save his life.
I agree though... slow news day and of course the speed of his recovery wouldn't sell newspapers in the same way.

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Hey up Eve!

A good point, well made. Obviously, sitting next to the girl in question, I was in a unique position to see what we sages call the "headless chicken news gathering" approach; where the editors desperately try to magic up a story from nowhere. Believe me, the facts and the front page were quite a long way from each other on this occasion. Facts. Meet Front. You ever met before? Not round these parts (etc etc). And for me, it was the comic value of Scott going out go-karting the following day while his girlfriend fielded anxious calls from well wishers.

See yaz soon,