Thursday, 11 January 2007

The Toxic Bastard

We've all come across a few of these in our time, even if most of them seem to work at the Dull Fairy. Now research by Bristol University bods with nothing better to do reveals that there is a type of manager - called the "toxic bastard", who leads the proper, well-adjusted, decent people into depression and unwellness.

Psychologists have identified a breed of "toxic" managers who shout
at staff, have few academic qualifications, are arrogant and could
make life hell for workers.
Research published today shows that a "classic bastard" among bosses
usually lowers the morale of staff and affects productivity.
Professor Adrian Furnham, of University College, London, said the
characteristics of bad parents could be translated to managers - with
similar effects on other people.
"Having a toxic manager makes workers unhappy and incompetent," he
said at the British Psychological Society's occupational psychology
conference in Bristol.
"One of the major causes of misery is misery at work, especially if
your boss is uncaring, selfish and arrogant, because you are stuck
with that for eight hours a day. It leads to low morale and poor
productivity because people keep going absent from work."

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bazza27 said...

That explains Hull City Council, Viking Radio and Hull Daily Mail then.