Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tommy gone? Oh no he isn't.

I was listening to Six Music a couple of days back when a bulletin announced that Tommy Scott, the singer from Space, had died. I was mildly upset - even trawled through the CDs to find my copy of Spiders (last played - Britpop) and gave a listen to Neighbourhood, Female Of The Species and You and Me Vs The World. Even reports of death won't make the album good, I'm afraid to say.

The following day, it was announced that this was in fact an erroneous report. The fact I, and the producers of 6Music, and these people all fell for it on March 31 is justified, I feel. You can't April Fool with death, and especially not in March. Nonetheless, I bet Space records were played more than they have been in years!
Listening: Dukes Of Stratosphear; Space