Saturday, 27 January 2007

Creative Writing Coming Atcha

Thought I'd use my newly minted MySpace page to showcase some of the creative wrambles I've been doing at college for the last six months. These little shanties have all been composed under the kosh, off-the-cuff in about 20 minutes, and I have kept them the same for the porposises of authenticity (they are deadly if crossed). The first one, based on using music as a trigger for memory writing, can be found here, hopefully.

Reader's guide for reading the poems/prose of Loz: Meditate. You are in a northern town. You are John Cooper Clarke, but a foot shorter, with a slightly less resigned take on the world. You are not married to Nico. You are not a teenage werewolf. You are full of admiration and wonder. Now read on ...

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