Tuesday, 17 April 2007


As in all sweltery weekends on the coast, there was a fair bit of surrealism thrown in to the mix. For a start, this flyer is dropped through Dee's door from an incredibly nice man called Mr Mahfooz, who claims to be a deep forest man who can call the Ghost from the mountain and capable of brining (sic) back your loved ones. I'll stick to tuna chunks thanks, Mr Mahfooz. He's capable of "breaking black magic, success in business and a lot more, and Your will never regret". In the interest of fairness his number is on this crudely Photoshopped flyer. Wonder if black magic can help sell our respective houses? Also on this insanely balmy weekend (thanks global warming), I find out that Dan for Big Brother 5 (dubbed the gay Gandalf by Victor, and a fabulous ambassador for Hull, I'm sure) drives the same car as me; same colour, model and age. We sidle up next to each other (steady now) at a level crossing and he turns, then gives me a wave. On a motoring tip, isn't it polite of other drivers to acknowledge you if you've let them out of a junction. Well, I let a bloke out at the Old Zoological and he stuck his tongue out and gave me the two-fingers. How rude. And in Bridlington, I had to reverse down a one way street because the couple in the car in front decide to just pull up for a snog. Like a cut-price Rita, Sue and Bob, my life resembles sometimes.
Listening: The Good, The Bad And The Queen, Larrikin Love - Raggedy Ann; Serge Gainsbourg collected videos
Watching: Bowling For Columbine

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Benjamin said...

I didn't really believe you put Billy's rhubarb on the front page but I'm impressed.

I've been as good as abroad but have enjoyed catching up here. The Spring Bank pictures are grand. It's all a pretty intriguing read.