Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Great expectations?

We have been house hunting, in, whisper it, north Lincolnshire. Barrow and Barton. One fatty in Barton opened the door to us with her dinner down her shirt, said she was from the Shetlands, had eight cats, dogs and a crazy peripatic woman battling for smell space. We ain't touching that in a month of Sunday viewings.

But we saw one yesterday that could be lovely. Beautiful open views of fields. Outbuildings. A garage. Lovely village location. And a bargain. But it needs a stack of work - it's virtually derelict; and the love putting back into it. Or we could just buy a cluster fuckin' cul-de-sac with no personality. Anyways, any opinions and offers of fitting new windows welcome. See what you think ...

1 comment:

bazza27 said...

The house looks great, go for it. I bought a car from someone in Goxhill once, worked out very well, nice people.