Thursday, 26 April 2007


Despite my attempts to hog the glory by crashing my bike on a level crossing out of Hull, this post is to alert you to the work of two of my mates currently doing the bizness in the theatre world. Joy's play, The Aquatic Ape, starring the voice of no less than Matthew Kelly, is available to listen to at, and has been given new sea legs since I saw it in a Lift at the Edinburgh Pleasance three (is it really that long?) years ago. And dashing Dave Windass brings Sully back to Hull Truck in a fortnight. I was there for the first night and it was one of the most emotive, highly-charged bits of theatre I've ever seen. Wonder if Paul Cooke'll turn up?
Me? Well apart from a bruised elbow, I've been listening, with the rest of the country to Favourite Worst Nightmare (like a raunchy Breathless compared to the Sillitoeisms of Whatever ...), reading William Dalrymple's exemplary The Last Mughal and admiring Lincolnshire in springtime. Oh, and, I'm writing loads for various story competitions and college deadlines. Wa-hey!

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