Saturday, 14 April 2007

Nice one my Philson

Dee's horse, picked completely at random, comes a creditable fourth in the Grand National, at 66/1. She picked the horse, in typical non-gambley fashion, by pointing at it from a distance and saying: "I want that one". Me reading the biog which described the horse as "dour" and "unyieldly" convinced her it was the one she wanted. She thought "dour was very south Yorkshire - steady", and being a Doncaster lass I wasn't going to argue with her. Anyways it earnt us a nice £54, which we are going to spend on Chiquito's cocktails, the new Jon Heder film Blades Of Glory and a nice Balti. Earlier today we went to the superb William Blake exhibition Mind Forg’d Manacles: William Blake and Slavery at the Ferens, and marvelled at his drawings and literary obsessions. Note to Doherty (a regular reader of Hull Bloggers): this is the proper Albion, sunshine, not your sixth-form nonsense. Then, inspired, to Billy Wilberforce's and the Streetlife for the best Hull has to offer, before cheering on Philson's Run to fourth down the Tap n Spile with eight regulars and a mangy dog, in glorious temperatures. Pretty much the perfect Saturday.

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bazza27 said...

I picked Liberthine which came fifth, so if it hadn't been for your horse I would have been in the money. You sound far to pleased with yourself!