Sunday, 22 April 2007

Lincolnshire Rising

A lovely day out with the family in violent, bludgeoning, heretic-hating Louth. For it turns out that this gentle, rolling market town was where the Lincolnshire Rising began in 1536, when a bunch of Catholics marched on Lincoln and demanded the abolition of the Ten Articles. The vicar, Thomas Kendall, was hung, drawn and quartered in sleepy old Louth, a blue plaque by the church wall reveals. We spent the day climbing the tower of 11th century St James', walking on Hubbards Hills, spotting the oft-spotted bearded Wyatt (once, minutae fans, pressed close to the window in his Victorian farmhouse; once, close to the post office while we scoffed pizza in an all-you can eat lunchtime buffet) and generally making fun in the capital of the Wolds. In other news, we are now only a month away from trek Peru and so are going into town to buy such essentials as alcohol hand gel, tiger balm, The Great Gatsby and some kind of crazy headgear. And off to see Richard Herring tonight in his new show Menage A Un. A report will follow later ...

Listening: Felt - Down But Not Out

Reading: Various reports of the chaotic French elections; Arctic Monkeys album reviews

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