Thursday, 26 April 2007


On a day where houses were put up for sale (mine), offers were made (Dee's) and a dream house seen (ours). As a future-looking couple, let's focus on the new one. Double-fronted, with an impossible long garden, a gargoyle door knocker, those beautiful Victorian railings, all manner of sheds, lofty ceilings and picture rails. Only down side we can see is the name of the street. Dam Road. Sounds a bit like Apocalypse Avenue or Impending Doom Street to me. But enough of such quibbles. On returning to the car we realised we'd parked in the grounds of a building called Providence House. That does it for me. Tomorrow, we sail at dawn for the estate agents to put an offer in. But in the meantime, a celebratory Chinese down Chants Av, the one with the great retro menu that hasn't changed since '79.

Listening: Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More; Arctic Monkeys; The Aquatic Ape on Radio 4; Maconie and Radcliffe on Radio 2

Reading: (variously, sluggishly) The Last Mughal (William Dalrymple); Everyman (Philip Roth) Margrave Of The Marshes (Peel, again)


Benjamin said...

It looks and sounds like a glorious property. People seem to rate that restaurant quite highly. I have nourished and matured quite a strong dislike of Chants Ave over the years, I have to say so the very mention of these words in a blog post has me spitting tobacco. Greatly enjoying 'More Chips' x

bazza27 said...

I have been known to frequent that particular restaurant myself over the years, and I can't fault it's veggy curry. Good luck with the house, sounds very nice.