Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A housey bargain .. or is it?

Decided against Richard Herring on Sunday ('Herring - on the side of caution' would be my headline to the soundtrack of my life) but have promised Dee we'll see him at Edinburgh over the summer. Basically, we went a bit gungho buying stuff for up "that mountain" - trousers that magically become shorts, first aid kits and the like, which left the casual comedy fund depleted. Good job there's comedy gold to be had closer to home. My old employers have tired of conventional front-pages and decide on having a child's drawing as their front page on Monday in the long running Bring Back Woman With An 80s perm storyline. "How can immigration minister Liam Byrne say no to this?" it proclaims in 32 point Bold. Easy, its one word. One wag on the comments (who could it be?) says: "At least this Mail front page has been designed by a six-year-old rather than just APPEARING to be". Then, the main story closer to home is this little pearl about a Goole farmer offering his house as a competition prize. £60 per entry for a chance to win a rambling £650k farmhouse set in 300 acres. As someone who once paid £27.50 a month to rent a three-bed semi in Ghoul, I'd say its too much for any DN14 postcode. And flogging it would be a nightmare.

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