Thursday, 12 April 2007


It seems that most newspaper companies are the same. At my new employer's annual results brief, the editor of one tome asked a question of the MD about why one paper had had loads of money invested into it, while his hadn't. The MD replied: "Think of that paper as a lab rat. When we've finished experimenting on that, after a year, we'll know which rats to concentrate on next." A nice way to deal with humans, we thought. Before the results banter, the MD seemed to only have one conversational skill - the size of his employees. Either "you're very tall, you'd be even taller with heels on" or "tall people are much taller than small people". The heights of stupidity. All this lab rat talk might have been empathised with by Kurt Vonnegut, the author of the fabulous Slaughterhouse 5, who died today. One of the most radical, inspiring writers - there's a nice obit here, and me old mucker Mr Windass has posted his rules of writing here.

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