Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Fag enablers and stolen sweethearts

The office has resounded this week to the words of Fred 'Gramps' Phelps, the patriach of the Most Hated Family In America, as shown on Louis Theroux this weekend just gone. Amazingly, everytime we say 'fag enabler' or 'your tweaking my nose, jackass' in doff-capping to the Sunday night show, we all crack up, even mad Tom, our 60-year-old token old school disgruntled sub from Hemel. We've taken to asking the ad girls if they're off out for a 'fag enabler' and splitting our sides when they say yes. Nice to be in a working environment when people are on your level, rather than the pseudo-baldy-tourettes rubbish I put up with at the Dalai Fairy.

House update: Have put in a crazily low offer. Thanks Baz for input!
Watching: The Notorious Bettie Page