Monday, 2 July 2007

Smoking goon

Bloke being interviewed on Radio Humberside about the smoking ban. "I personally smoke between 100 and 120 fags a day. This ban is killing us."
Lovely weekend catching up with friends on London's Bankside, in the shadow of the Globe, the Golden Hinde and speedboats careering up the Thames. Lovely to see our group of friends from journalism college now being added to with babies, boyfriends, girlfriends and husbands. It's always hard after the London thang to return to the delights of Anlaby Road, and shops like Booze & U, Best Mate (a Chinese takeaway, no less, and probably best mate to several Boothferry Road casuals, the charlatan) and What Comes Naturally (a centre for preventive medicine). Back up north, then, with plans for new jobs, escapades and adventures on the horizon.
Pictoral note: This is not of course, about smoking, and does not reflect, in any way, the views of this blogger. It comes from the insane Louis Theroux doc about The Most Hated Group In America, led by Fred 'Tweakin my nose y'Jackass' Phelps.

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