Friday, 20 July 2007

Epic adventures on birthday week

So we take a few days off for Dee's birthday. As always, it develops into a ripping yarn involving two cars, one which starts to steam near Bradford (driving to the National Meeja Museum is a nightmare, btw. What gives with those roads??), a romantic stroll around the bizarrely named KeepMoat Lake in Doncaster (it's almost like Sydney on a shoestring until you get to Megabowl), a clothes buying marathon in Donny TC, a weird towing experience for my white beast back to Hull, and then Dee's car gets shunted into write-off mode in the left-hand lane at Barnetby Top. We both get a belated birthday gift of mild whiplash and lose the ability to look left.

1 comment:

Stone Fee said...

Happy birthday, Dee and sorry to hear about the accident. Still, think of the compo as a belated birthday present from an utter stranger - a random act of kindness if you will.