Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thuggery new and old

I have a Facebook account, although I'm not quite sure how the bleedin' thing works right now. But if anyone reading this knows anything about adding themselves to my paltry one friend so far, then fabulous. A quick tutorial wouldn't go amiss neither, so I can begin to network with gusto. As if to make sure my head wasn't turned by crazy thoughts of social interaction, and progression, and Bebo and RSS Feeders, I then witnessed a racist fight in my local corner shop, JSK Minimart. Thug erupted over white lightning, uttered racist cobblers, followed by harassed owner grabbing a plastic baseball bat, shputing expletives and then, strangely, throwing a packet of crisps at him as he beat a retreat. Now that's interaction how it used to be done. All this Facetalk bobbins ... isn't it all a bit CB Radio?
Listening: Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman; Dee's Trojan Ladies comp (amazing stuff); The Decemberists (their grimey sea shanty album The Crane Wife lasts exactly the length of my journey from Hull to Barton on bike, and is perfect for splashing through floody puddles to); The Cribs; Costello, Cramps, lots of Jim Naughtie on Radio 4


Stone Fee said...

No idea how Facebook works, just don't get groomed by a racist thug who has only stumbled across your blog by reason of your Bernard Manning links and thinks you share their twisted view of what it means to start fights in the local corner shop and be repelled by the mighty packet of Monster Munch. Assault with a Ready Salted, if you will.

Hullablue said...

There seems to be three people with your name on facebook duder, and I can only discount one of them by virtue of their picture.
Search for me instead and invite me to be your friend and then I can give you an on-line tutorial on the best bits (the music quiz will take over your life)