Saturday, 21 July 2007

Hitchcocks suspence

So, me and Dee get to celebrate her 29th birthday in the company of some splendid folks, all of whom have got brilliant reasons to be excited. Excuse me if this post gets a bit Peter's Friends, but of the 10 folk gathered last night at Hull's number one all-you-can-eat vegan buffet above a cobbled street experience, six of us have announced engagements in Peru, Belize and Sweden, two are expecting a child and the other two are embarking on a new life together in the 2008 City of Culture. Last year, there was a nasty dispute about the bill at the now defunct Immanuels and a weird atmosphere. To cut a long and slightly tiresome rock n' roll story short, none of the folks who attended Dee's birthday last year came along this time around. But we definitely hope that the people who came to Hitchcocks will be with us in 2008. Whatever the adventures we have in the meantime, its bound to be more entertaining than the sequel to This Life!

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