Thursday, 26 July 2007

The view from the afternoon

Back in Hull, and the delights of a cycle thru Boothferry Road. Couldn't get any closer to the charming derelict stadium/former Iceland combo, cos there were some wild kids who have made this bizarre landscape their own. But check out my favourite barber's, Chinese takeaway and beauty therapists, and I challenge ya not to raise a smile.

Also on news radar: Shaboo the cow, condemned to death in south Wales; the crazy capers on the Tour de France - maybe all this doping explains why all the cyclists I pass on 'da Bridge' have manic luminous eyes of hate.

Listening (still) The Cribs (also) Bat For Lashes

Watching (and loving, despite ambivalence towards subject) Clarkson at the Poles


bazza27 said...

The barber's and the beauty therapist's have class written all over them.

Benjamin said...

Nice to come in and get a quick fix of East Riding countryside and city flicks.