Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The new arrival

Before this blog develops an unhealthy 'look at pictures of my family' schmaltzy-ness, let me just say this is an end to the baby pics. But let it be said that my mum, on the right, is looking pretty good for a gran (although she had to pick herself off the floor when she heard the news). Oliver, or Ollie as he is likely to be, is a little delight as well, although, scarily, he has my brother's hands. Elsewhere, the journey to work on the Loz superbike has been accompanied by some great sounds of late (Cribs, Decemberists, Aretha Franklin's gospel album) but today, as I was crossing the great expanse of the Humber from north to south, I had John Barry's Science Fiction, from Midnight Cowboy. It worked perfectly for the glacial, spectral river and bizarre giant turrets. I recommend it.


Stone Fee said...

Congratulations to your kid on his, um, kid. It's actually a great timeless piccie too. That maternity wing chair that your mum is sitting on could have been from the 60s - and probably is. I hope it's a hospital pic now I've just said that!

M said...

Congratulations Uncle Laurie! I find it puzzling that your mum looks younger than you though :)
Mog x