Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A Manning to all men?

As predicted, the loss of Bernard Manning has not gone unnoticed in this little media corner (actually more of an edge than a corner) of Lincolnshire. Roy Chubby Brown lives in Louth, just round the corner from Robert Wyatt and Barbara Dickson - its all so W5. Our token long-in-the-tooth sub has mourned his passing, and admired his 50 years in the biz, although we are yet to see Royston V with his hat at half mast mourning through the streets of Louth . Me, I just enjoyed hearing old relics like Frank Carson and Stan Boardman being hauled out to mourn "the hardest working man in showbusiness" (erm, surely that's Prince?). You could hear Kirsty audibly squirm on Radio 4 as old "it's a cracker" retold Manning's material while I tried to avoid putting the car into a ditch between Great Limber and Barnetby Top. But I was struck by a thought - surely Bernard's appearance in his boxers in India looking like Kashmir in underpants was the forerunner for Jade Goody's own forays into the sub(in)continent.

Watching: The Last King Of Scotland; Hot Fuzz; Bobby
Listening: Vetiver; Charlotte Hatherley - The Deep Blue; John Shuttleworth - I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now

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