Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Back to reality

And so all that remains of our south America odyssey is a slightly dicky tummy and a slew of fab polaroids. Did I say it was brilliant? Of course I did. Luckily, me being treated like a hero in Lima by a gaggle of Peruvian refugees and doing the conga with a bunch of over 75s has not gone to my head, cos by Monday I was back in the dark place. Even Wyatt's jazz beard can't lift my post-holiday spirits. On Friday - feted. By Monday - writing a headline for a school fete outside Sleaford. Them's the breaks.

On a plus note, my sea shanty inspired creative writing project got a first at Hull University (the only one in the class). It seems penning shanties is my natural writing style. Pity there's no money in it - avast!!

Listening: The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever

Photo explanation: a llama at MP and some of our spectacular peaks


Dave W said...

Alarmingly, in the office in which I spend the early part of the week, my bladder is in sync with the only other male employee on the floor on which I work. We have a similar problem, Mr Loz - I too am listening to The Cribs Men's Needs etc etc. What next, The Police - Synchronicity?

Benjamin said...

Hiya Boy,

Congratulations on you and Dee's engagement. Congratulations on raising 35,000 notes for the aged and having some fun out in the big wide world. Congratulations on a first in sea shanties. The big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh...

I passed James Dean Bradfield in the street today. I'm feeling less mental, just now, and have left Hull. Best wishes x