Monday, 25 June 2007

From the Blitz to the shitz

Louth was on flood alert today (59mm of rain in an hour - rattly old weather ed). We knew this because every 15 minutes the old siren last used in the Blitz was cranked up and released upon the town, wailing its deathy banshee screech upon us all. Those worst affacted were the OAPs living near the River Lud, and can only imagine what it must have been like hearing that sound again. Be nice to report a solidarity in the face of godly adversity, but the floods just seemed to bring out more nutters, semi-naked and fuming with bulldogs, to the town. On the way into work a woman on a bike was cycling up to passing cars and uttering short sentences: "Cars. Two.Feet.Of.Water.Turn. Around. Nowwwww." The forebringer of apocalypse on two wheels. Later, Martin, the office madman, said that if I couldn't get home, he'd let me sleep with him. I ran for the car and applied the gas.


Dave W said...

Did you get home alright dude? A bit soggy at your end of the city I've heard?

Stone Fee said...

Hey dude. Been thinking of you especially with Louth making the national news due to it's flooding. Hope you are ok - blog intact so I guess so. Started the blog btw - it's imaginatively titled Fee's Blog and it's at

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Hello chaps. Thanks for your concern - both me and Dee's houses were fine, although my central heating system appears to have given up the ghost. The waters crept within metres of our house, but there they stopped. Newland Ave is a nightmare tho. As for Louth today, its a lot calmer, although all the stranded cars were broken into last night. Charming, some of the people round 'ere. I also liked Radio Humberside's juxtaposition of dire flooding and pestilence with songs by Belinda Carlisle (High And Dry) and Kenny Rogers (Coward Of The County).
Hope all other Hull bloggers were okay.
Stone Fee - welcome to blogutopia. Had a quick peek at yer site - how was Glasters?