Saturday, 2 June 2007

What the deuce?

So I go away for nine days to Peru and when I return, I've dropped to the bottom of the Hull Bloggers League?? Even Chris Ramsey's gone ahead of me. Shocking, quite frankly, and proof that no matter how worthy pitting our wits in the treacherous Andes for Help The Aged was, Hull Bloggers vote with their virtual feet. So in an attempt to reel you all back in, here are some handy pointers to our trip to Peru.
1. The week before I went to South America, my boss said I had an attitude problem. Within three days of getting to Cusco, 3,000ft above sea level, I had an altitude problem. Three flights, two trains, several buses, many countries, an ocean and a backpack, all for the sake of one letter.
2. Me and Dee got engaged at Machu Picchu, looked on by an alpaca. A handy hint - making a wedding proposal at 4,000 feet may be many things, but candlelit it ain't - we both smelt and hadn't washed in days.
3. Don't order the guinea pig. The Peruvian national dish makes them very proud. They don't need an excuse to eat it. So proud, in fact, that they don't need to go through the inconvenience of preparing it for westerners. The Guinea Pig Dee ordered arrived looking like it had been koshed, then dipped in batter, grilled and served with a bit of lettuce. It even had teeth and was so like my pet guinea pig we named it Snuggles. Asking for it to be prepared, rather than looking taxidermed, the waiter merely cut it up into five pieces with a cleaver.
4. The work HTA does in Peru is totally vital. We raised an astonishing £35k between us, and visited a project in the slums of Lima which humbled us all. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our fundraising total.
5. Going to Peru and the Andes was a dream come true, and memorable for all sorts of reasons. Magic.


bazza27 said...

Nice to know you have returned from your adventure safe and sound (and engaged, congratulations). I too have been accused by several people of having an attitude problem, but fuck them. As for the top 100 Hull bloggers, I don't understand it at all, there seems no ryhme nor reason, though I'm sure there probably is.

Music Man said...

Getting to the top of Hull Bloggers seems almost as difficult as scaling a Peruvian peak. (Or is it more difficult?) No sooner do you seem to be having success than the moderator resets the numbers. I have set up base camp several times only to find myself beaten back by the intense cold and lack of oxygen in the east of the city. I'd like to see some of the 'top bloggers' who get various 'bloggy' awards pit their wits against the 'Hull Bloggers' pinnacle, then we would see how some of the media lovies fared in a harsher climate.

David said...

Congrats on the engagement guys. Sounds like you had a good time in Peru.

Dave W said...

Belated, and I did it via telephone already too, but congrats to you and the Deester. x

Hullablue said...

Loz, Congrats fella, I hope you are both very, very happy together.