Thursday, 30 November 2006

I've got a bike and it cost me £5,550

When the great, mad Syd Barrett died in July, it led to a vast outpouring of grief on messageboards the world over. Bizarre, cos the former Syd lived the majoroty of his life in seclusion, avoiding fans, popping to the shops for a Daily Mail and wearing ill-fitting clothes inappropriate for the seasons. Personally, I'd rather remember him for Lucifer Sam and Arnold Layne than as some kind of 60s prophet who had crossed over to a higher level. How did Syd personify his seer-like status? By popping to B and Q and making botched DIY. Which has now been auctioned off and raised £120,000 to promote young artists in Cambridge. Which is great. I can understand his paintings like Still Life With Lemons going for £4k. But the chair to my left, with that nasty stain that he kept in his utility room? Grand and a half??? Just goes to show there is a harmful side-effect to drugs and Pink Floyd. Surely remember him for his music and not for a homemade breadbin containing some pegs! (£1,400)

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