Thursday, 23 November 2006

And the rest is history

And the rest is History ...
By Laurie /Lozman/Eldred J
An amazing piece of theatre last night at Hull New Theatre. Alan Bennett's History Boys is England's most popular living playwright at his sublime best. Anyone Stateside, I encourage you to see the play/film for a real taster into Britain's sometimes Dickensian public school system. There were plenty of familiar Bennett-isms, but this was raunchy, compelling, contemporary theatre, the first NT production for 23 years to take in Hull. Very talented kids and a trio of fabulous older statesmen actors; Stephen Moore, Isla Blair and William Chubb. It also brought a real cross section of people who otherwise wouldn't go to the theatre. I saw my mechanic Brian, unsure and out of place, still wearing his Saab tie. And my editor sat stoney-faced through it, breaking his glare to delve into a tiny pot of ice cream. There were a few digs at journalism in the play, which pleased me and no doubt annoyed him.Postscript: Asked the editor what he thought of the play today (my first conversation with him in a year. "Didn't like it," he barked. "Too clever, clever, you know what I mean". Each to his own, but I wouldn't describe Bennett as Sartre or Brecht. But this "clever, clever" comment does come from the editor of a paper that is more dumbed down than Dubya, so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised.

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