Friday, 24 November 2006

Highs and lows of a blogless month

1. Seeing maverick gypsy punks Gogel Bordello at Leeds Met on Halloween night. The band were more freakish than the students, the fiddle player looked like Bill Bailey but was wearing a sleeveless Slayer shirt (and in his 50s at that), and the whole band felt like 4am in a Ukrainian nuthouse. Beautiful stuff.

2. Breaking my Springsteen duck. Travelled to Brummyham for a night with the Boss and his Seeger Sessions 15-piece band. When he asked for a D-flat harmonica I thought he was going to break into Thunder Road and I would have burst into tears on the spot. But he didn't. He did Froggie Went Courting instead. But the band were truly amazing.

3. Lies, damned lies, then racist comedians. Nuff said on this subject, so I'll leave it to the PressGazette

4. Raising cash for Peru. Me and Dee are off to Machu Pichhu to hang with the alpacas in the amazing Inca city. Someone said it was the "lost city". So how comes I've subbed three stories in the last month about people who are off there on charity missions. And how the Dickens are we gunna raise £5,000. Anyone wanna buy some old Zappa vinyl?

5. Ticketed twice in a day by Hull's parking nazis, for being parked down my street. Flew off the handle at a council voice, who told me that there was nothing against them ticketing me every two hours and that I was lucky to be only ticketed twice in a day. Mmm, right.

6. Reinstalled blog. Feel a lot happier.


bazza27 said...

Good to have you back, this may be the inspiration I need to return to my blog, which hasn't seen any action for a week now.

Dave W said...

Welcome back, dude.