Friday, 24 November 2006

Back, by jiggety!

Wow! I've lost a whole month! That's how long its taken me to retrieve my blog files, pore through them, realise that whatever I did back then wasn't half as fashionable or feisty as I thought it was and then decide to only republish the selected highlights. But this is the new blog of the old Eldred Jiggle files, which were set up in early 2005.

For the new-to-this-Sandi-Blogsvig, here's some recaps.

1. I was born during a Chick Corea solo (he wasn't in the hospital at the time, he wasn't allowed) in Nottingham, England, in 1974.

2. I have been a sort-of-journalist for the last 12 years, long enough to realise that it's populated by weirdos and some of the most uncreative, undynamic monobrowed folk I've ever come across. Journalism is just jism without the ournal.

3. This blog is about my life and my sometimes-ability-to-make-sense-of-it.

Hope you're glad to have me back in blogland.

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