Thursday, 23 November 2006


A fantastic day in Newcastle for Dee's inaugural appearance in the Great North Run. Thanks loads for your well wishes, blogging comrades, and I'm sure you were with Dee (virtually) as she slugged it out for 13 miles in Geordie-land. The Great North is probably the biggest half-marathon in the world in terms of numbers and there were about 38,000 finishers. Dee had been well-panicked about finishing last, but although she was beaten over the line by a man dressed as a rhino, and a 75-year-old Hindu dressed as a Nun, she came in in a time of just under three hours in a very commendable 34,112th place. Not bad, given that it decided to be sunny in Newcastle (very rare for August, let alone October), and that Dee, in her own words, was "knackered by the end of the warm-up". A tremendous achievement for the girl tho, who claimed that thoughts of a special biryani kept her going during the worst parts of the trek but had to settle for a whopper meal at Burger King in Newcastle Central! I'm sure there'll be many biryanis in the weeks to come, tho.

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