Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Insects are all around us

Off to Hull Welly club to see Isle of Wight mashheads The Bees, after a brief entree with a pipe smoking actor who's just set up a B and B, in local drinkerie Dukes.

I didn't mind The Bees, in fact I really liked the summery pop nuggets on their debut Sunshine Hit Me, but their clearly weed-supported instrument-swapping, beard-wearing approach did start to wear a bit thin after a while. Big props however for doing a cover of Brazilian psychedelicists Os Mutantes' track A Minha Mehina. You might remember it from Match Of The Day. Nice to see an older crowd too, although they were a bit reticent to rush the stage, making me briefly wonder if they were gonna set off fireworks from the stage a la Great White. But an okay band if you get off on Gomez and the Beta Band.

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