Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Racist overtones

There's not much to do if you're skint. On Friday, hopefully, that'll all change, when Club Loz becomes the property of Mr Halfacree. But in the meantime, we're idling. Went to the Ferens in Hull to check a couple of exhibitions, the mildly diverting Fabulous Sound Machines, and the superb late 70s, early 80s poster art of Hull Rock Against Racism. FSM was nothing like the Miami Sound Machine, but instead, a series of Cage-ean installations designed to annoyed the bejaysus out of you within 20 seconds. There was a fully-formed adult (but in shorts and wearing a maniacal grin) tinkering around with the world's most annoying piano. These giant windbags and insane harps would be impossible to tour with, which leaves you thinking what is the point, apart from to be used by adults with inane grinnery and no musical savvy. Thankfully, better times were had at the poster collection, although it makes me feel a bit sad that this counts for little in 2007 Hull. The late 70s really was a poltically right-on time, even if the trousers and band names weren't, with the focus of events at the Wellington Lane Community centre. Pity that 30 years on, the fight goes on, but appears less cohesive now than it did then. If only a Tony Wilson-esue character could transform Hull's cultural scene and pull all its dispirate parts together. Maybe then the city wouldn't be so isolated, in terms of its cultural life and its attitudes.
Meanwhile: So will Amy Winehouse ever sing Rehab again? How can she, unless she turns the chorus to 'Yes, yes, yes'. Please discuss.
Listening: Ramones; Dusty; Dee's entire record collection

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