Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Lookalikey fight club

A fight just broke out outside our office. We work in a bizarre windowless room with frosted glass, which means we can see out in the street, whilst outside, people assume there is a mirror and there can't possibly be minions aligning copy behind it. This normally leads to much preening-related mirth amongst ourselves, but today's fight was quite hilarious. There's a scummers Job Club opposite and a ruck broke out between a Justin Lee Collins scumbaggy lookalikey and a John Hendy from E17 wannabe. There was head-locks, and bum baring, and police calling, and lots of hands outstretched in a "what have I done" kinda way. These kids are outside the Job Club daily, making me wonder what active steps they are actually taking to find some kind of work.
Elsewhere: To cattery, or not to cattery? And when, when, oh when, will Dee's house sale complete?
Lifestyle pointers: Having no TV is actually quite fun and liberating, although I am developing a fixation to semi-autobiographical books about "place" and a reliance on DAB radio.

1 comment:

Stone Fee said...

I hope you captured it on mobile phone video. We are all baying for youtube footage of people fighting these days, after all.

Anyway, who won?