Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pensioners' special

We are brassic. Skint. Looking for cash down the back of chairs. This is all due to a convoluted house move. This is all beginning to show. Tonight, having found a fiver in coppers, foreign currency and through selling a book of 12 postage stamps for £2, I ambled off to the local chippery, the intention of splitting a fish n' chips to share with my beautiful girlfriend. The chip shop staff took pity though, and allowed us to have two pensioners specials - £2.50 for fish, chips, gravy and breadcake (buttered). I'm a mixture of feelings to be honest. It's a great deal. But if I'd had an extra 60p we could have got the spam fritter thrown in as well.


Stone Fee said...

Bread - Cake.

Could you translate into Southern please for this naive gastronaut, yours truly?

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Bread - Cake. Sadly, it ain't quite as funky as a Bedfordshire Clanger (or funkier than a mosquito's tweeter - as Funkadelic had it). It is actually just a bread roll. With butter. The cake is completely deceptive.