Thursday, 23 August 2007

International nonsense

Many critics have often called the insurgency and illegal war in Iraq George Bush's Vietnam. It seems that the Dubya, now separated from Karl Rove's brain, has decided to take this onboard and compare a pull-out from Iraq to the 'disastrous' consequences of the American (let's tell the truth now George) defeat in south-east Asia in the 70s. He then goes on to cite what happened to Cambodia in the late 70s (a recap - political coup, mass genocide, complete devastation of country) as a reason to stay in a country you have invaded. Isn't GWB missing the point? Surely, the main reason why Cambodia descended into total chaos under the Khmer Rouge was because of the secret bombing launched on its innocent, peaceful, beautiful Buddhist people by Kissinger and Nixon? And you can read it all here. Having been to both Vietnam and Cambodia, I would say they are still suffering from America's 70s foreign policy, not their own. In Vietnam, thousands still suffer the effects of Agent Orange, while in Cambodia the dollar is currency for American sex-pats happy to eat pizza sprinkled with marijuana and fire off AK47s in the desert. It seems rather rich for Bush to be preaching this doctrine to veterans when his own military record is a sham.
Anyways, back to catteries, footy and more songs about chocolate and girls. Here's a couple of people who say all this better than me.

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Dave W said...

What is this crap? I come here for pictures of Barton-upon-Humber, not all this peacenik nonsense. Go and stand in the corner and think about how silly you are.