Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Different world

I've got a job interview here tomorrow, in the funkily named Laser Quay, in Salford, in a really glossy hi-tech job as an interactive content editor. Couldn't be further removed from my current role in Louth - like comparing Heroes to Last Of Summer Wine. Even the instructions on how to get to Laser Quay are a lesson in new-meejah speak, apparently I am to look for the "white and glass building with the centrally-focussed glass atrium" and I must park my car in bays GE, GR or GT but not in GX or GY. If I can get through all this conceptual nonsense, and, indeed, the front door, I may stand half-a-chance with this job. Weird how Salford, once desolate and home to that evocative Smiths shot, is now a burgeoning home for twisted cyber geek cyber speak. What would Morrissey say?

Listening: Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance; Hole - Live Through This
Reading: Wait Until Spring, Bandini - John Fante

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Dave W said...

Good choice with the Fante, Loz. Read it all!