Thursday, 17 May 2007

Ok. Enough. Now. Stop.

The parents of Madeline McCann have made a DVD of their tragically missing daughter, blasting out Simple Minds' excrutiatingly Don't You Forget About Me as the camera scans in on her slightly damaged eye. Madeline has become a marketing tool. You can buy the DVD. Buy the single. Get an endorsement from Beckham or Ronaldo. I agree - if there's a way to bring your daughter back then do it. But not only did they leave her alone, but now they are playing Simple Minds at us. My sympathy is running incredibly low.
But Andrew Collins says all this far better on his blog ...


bazza27 said...

I agree, a good piece by Andrew Collins. I complained to the BBC about some of there coverage, so far they've emailed me twice, with what are frankly excuses ti try and make me go away. I won't.

Benjamin said...

Where do you start on a subject like this? I totally agree with everything that Andrew Collins is brave enough to be one of the first to say.

Did you really complain to the BBC, Bazza? Good for you. Do you complain to the BBC a lot?

I think this kind of ridiculous level of coverage of what is obviously a terrible event doesn't do anything to stop such hideous crimes and further adds to the very serious culture of alienation and fear that the media has done so much to help embed into society.

I don't know what to say... news as soap opera, news as entertainment... as I say I don't know where to begin to discuss the absurd values of news media corporations.