Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bikes, trains and automobiles

For reasons far too ridiculous to mention, I have been relying on public transport to get from Hull to Louth on a daily basis for the last week. Not an easy commute. Today's combined journies took an astonishing six-and-a-half hours, by bike (over the Humber), train (Barton to Grimsby) and Speed Cabs (my workmate) the rest of the way. However, this is allowing for some ad-hoc Lincolnshire spying. And it reveals there are some areas to avoid. New Holland for one. A downmarket Goole, its the kind of place that would make Elvis Costello think twice about writing New Amsterdam, mainly cos its hard to rhyme "double Dutch" with "skag-riddled dock whore". Then there's "Great" Grimsby itself. Europe's food town. I snapped tonight's main picture outside Grimsby Magistrates Court, which is on Grime Street. Well, London's got its Beak Street ... Everywhere there's grown men on kids BMXs and signs proclaiming FISH! in 2000 point Arial.

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Benjamin said...

Ah yes... 'the transparent people who live on the other side...'