Sunday, 13 May 2007

Across the border

In preparation for our trip to Peru, now just 10 days away, we took a weekend stay in the heart of Swaledale to practice hill-walking, dealing with strange climates and weird cultures so far removed from our own in Hull. The weirdest culture of all is that most people appear to walk around with sticks, that they sometimes wave at you for invading their land. We also learnt the golden rule which is to treat most ramblers with caution, as they have cold, dead eyes, and are nowhere near as jovial as Ewen Macoll's song I'm A Rambler. That aside, we saw some stunning sights from our hotel in Low Dale, even if the roads to it are all subsiding and following crazy contours. On Saturday, we went up to Teesdale for an encounter with High Force, Britain's tallest waterfall, and the amazing implausible swing bridge that divides the Penine Way from the Coast-to-Coast walk. And today was spent in Reeth, before a scenic drive was cruelly interrupted by Catterick, and the bizarrely named Gaza Barracks.

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