Friday, 4 May 2007

Election blues

Was prompted to vote yesterday by the fact we officially ran out of money - there's nothing like impending poverty to get you across and make a vote for change. And it seemed to work; cos upon my return from the polling station we found £3 in cash under the sofa ("there's money in chairs," as Tracey Emin's gran used to say). There was no end of campaign literature posted through Club Loz's letterbox, together with the usual Kleenexe and Pizza nonsense. But weirdly, on the "wrong" side of Prinny Ave where Dee lives, she received just one leaflet - for the BNP. Another very fine reason to get out there and vote. Heard a great interview between Jim Naughty, Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears and Nick Robinson on radio 4 on the drive into work, with the continually ridiculous Blears insisting Labour can take the positives out of a dismal election showing, in the face of point-after-point being made by Robbo and Nochts. Same old, same old.
Listening: Elliot Smith - New Moon
Countdown: Two weeks, six days til South America.

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